TOEFL internet-based test (TOEFL iBT) can now be taken from your home

No Need to Postpone Your English Language Test Because of the COVID-19 Outbreak

ETS has launched the TOEFL online Test, an online quick fix for students who want to attend the TOEFL test and who have been affected by the Coronavirus disease issue. It is an integrated solution for Proctoru®, one of the master's online test supervision solutions. The test will be monitored using live remote monitoring devices. So that all information is protected. The TOEFL test exam from IBT Family Edition Home English Test is available in selected countries and students can start the home test from March 26th.

We will continue to evaluate the impact of the epidemic situation on test sites around the world and will work to provide solutions for countries affected by the epidemic. So that all students who wish to study in universities, can complete their studies abroad and complete university admission papers. The most important thing is the certificate of proficiency in the English language.


The TOEFL Online Test Is the Same as the Traditional Test

This test is the same as the IBT TOEFL test, which is performed at the test center in terms of content, appearance, screen experience, and punctuation. It is monitored online by human-trained monitors from start to finish to keep the tests safe. In order to meet the needs of students who cannot perform the TOEFL IBT® test at the test center due to public health problems, ETS temporarily offers the TOEFL IBT® Home Edition test in certain regions. This test is exactly the same as the TOEFL IBT® test in content, layout, and screen experience center.

It is taken at home on your computer and controlled online by proctoru® by a human supervisor. The test conforms to the international standards of Universities for English language acceptance tests that universities needed for those who looking for studying abroad.


TOEFL IBT Has a Shorter Time Duration

The online TOEFL IBT® exam time was reduced by 30 minutes to a total of 3 hours without any changes to the general test format or type of questions. For credibility, Reading, Listening, and Speaking questions were reduced until the English test exam could be done in just one day.


 Postponing and Rescheduling at No Cost

TOEFL IBT® management has delayed the exams in some places due to concerns about the spread of the Coronavirus. A decision to postpone the tests was taken in cooperation with the national government and our testing centers.


Exemption from Rescheduling Costs

If your TOEFL IBT® trial appointment has been delayed, you will receive an email notification and your test will be rescheduled to your account. Check your account and email regularly to know the updates of your test. If your test date with TOEFL IBT® is nearly but you want to reschedule, you must contact the center and set the date for the TOEFL online test. Check your account and email regularly to confirm the test status. You cannot reschedule your ETS account test without paying fees.

If you want to register for a test online, you can check the test center website and the availability of the date in the TOEFL test system in TOEFL IBT®. Note Updates and general information about the availability of the test and may change without notifications Until March 31 Maghreb Until April 4 Albania, Armenia, Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, the Slovak Republic, Italy, Ethiopia, Romania, Tunisia, the UK, and Uzbekistan.


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