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COVID-19 epidemic outbreak casts uncertainty on schools worldwide

 A rapid change has occurred in the last days since the outbreak of the global epidemic Coronavirus, Cambridge International has decided to extend school closures to May and June 2020, because it is impossible for many of our schools to take Cambridge exams. We have worked with our community schools, which need as much inevitability as possible in this difficult time. Our first priority is to protect safety and health. Our schools and teachers ensure that everything is safe for our students and support them to continue their education.

 Canceling IGCSE June exams was a hard but necessarily decision

So today, we made a tough decision, and we decided not to run any of the international exams in May / June 2020 in the U.S. They include Cambridge IGC, Cambridge or Level, Cambridge International as & One Level, Cambridge Ace Diploma and Cambridge Pre-U. We realize that students were working hard on these tests. We will work with schools to rate students who have been evaluated using the best evidence available. 

Cambridge will still issue certificates for its progressing students in June 2020

Students will obtain degrees and certificates from Cambridge International, according to the knowledge and skills they possess in their research programs. This will ensure that students will not face the downsides of these results in special circumstances. We offer schools with instructions on how students can take these degrees. We are talking about universities around the world, which study these unprecedented conditions that fall in admission decisions so that students can follow their educational journey as soon as possible. We are also aware of the potential impact of this attitude on motivation and learning for students. Many of our schools work hard to provide online educational support for student learning. We will continue to provide a wide range of support and resources to schools, teachers, and students. We have a dedicated page on our website, international Site that will provide schools with the latest information from Thursday, March 26 as regularly as possible. We know that schools need clear direction. We work all day long to provide valuable results to students in many countries where we work.

We work with universities from different regions to update our contacts for the May / June 2020 series. In particular, we have direct contact with universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia, who are the student’s major destination countries in Cambridge. Universities in the four countries understand our curriculum and are committed to supporting Cambridge University applicants in their admission process.

Admission teams will be as flexible as possible in these situations and try not to punish students due to major disturbances and subsequent decisions beyond their control because of a coronavirus outbreak.

Tips about distance learning support tools as

Distance learning creates great opportunities for effective learning and collaboration outside the classroom. The different tools available online must be explored. It is important to keep in mind that the focus should be on teaching and learning, not technology. Teachers' skills, experience, and experimentation may include methods and techniques that you would not normally use. The tool you choose must comply with any electronic safety policy at school and the materials used must respect the copyright regulations.

Information for schools about the Coronavirus epidemic, As for the evaluation of schools for the June 2020 exam stage

We are working on preparing the best system for student assessment, we know that all students are interested in the results of this evaluation, you must be patient until the completion of the evaluation system.

How will Cambridge present student results for June 2020?

It is still under review and the situation will be updated as soon as it appears

Will Cambridge provide an educational series for September 2020?

It is not expected that an additional series of tests will be provided. It is expected that the series will continue in October and December as previously planned. We are trying to study how to provide a curriculum that was not available before.

What if June 2020 payments are retrieved?

If you withdraw the June 2020 fees but later wish to re-register, this can be done by Cambridge International Direct until April 17, 2020.

No delayed fees or additional amendment fees will be charged.

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