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Part I: Use of Information

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1. Authorize to be represented by Studygram Worldwide Education when applying for universities worldwide.
2. Give permission to Studygram to share information that you provide with universities for application and admissions purposes.

Part II: Introduction

  1. Studygram™ is a registered trademark in the state of Kuwait – Ministry of Commerce deposition number 006775/2018 – owned by United Cities General Trading and Contracting Co. located in Salhiya St. – Sulaiman Al-Luhaib Bld 3 – Office 323 – Kuwait City (First Party)
  2. Students / Parents / Guardians (Second Party)
  3. As the First Party has demonstrated knowledge and experience to provide consultations and services in the fields of study abroad, training and development, and e-learning, and as the Second Party requires to use the First Party aforementioned experience and services, both Parties herein agree to:

Part III: General Terms and Conditions

  1. The First Party shall provide the best possible specialized academic advice for the Second Party in the selection of universities, language institutes, academic disciplines, accreditations, admission requirements and deadlines to study abroad.
  2. The First Party shall submit and follow-up, on behalf of the Second Party, applications for admission to the selected university or institutes identified at a later stage in Appendix A of this contract.
  3. The First Party shall provide the Second Party with guidance, assistance, and follow-up on visa, travel, and accommodation arrangements, translation and text editing, authentication, mail couriers, bank transfer fees, and the Second Party shall pay upon request and in advance all and any related expenses.

Part IV: Payments and Fees

  1. For payments and fees of our services, information will be provided in person in our contract agreement.

Part V: Admission Guarantee

  1. The decision to accept or reject a university application is solely up to the concerned university and the First Party has no role in influencing this decision.
  2. The Second party shall be liable for non-acceptance if it is due to delay in payments or provision of false, incorrect, incomplete, or late information or documents.
  3. If the Second Party’s application(s) are not accepted by the university, the First Party shall process one additional application without any additional services fees. The Second Party shall bear any direct or indirect payments or expenses related to their applications such as university application fees, visa, travel, and accommodation fees, translation and text editing fees, authentication, mail couriers, bank transfer fees, and others, in-advance upon request.

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