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Cambridge English is known for delivering excellent language assessment certified courses that are internationally recognized by many schools, universities, private and public sectors. It helps people learn English and prove their skills to the world. Studygram has received the badge of Cambridge English’s trained agent and now can recommend their courses and placement test to the students. In this article, we will discuss on Cambridge English Language Assessment, their tests, and how they can benefit students.

Cambridge English Language Assessment organization

Cambridge English Language Assessment is the organization behind the Cambridge English exam suite as well as the IELTS exam. It is a non-profit organization headquartered in Cambridge, England. Cambridge English language exams are conducted for people (starting 7 years old and above) whose first language is not English and looking to study, work, or migrate abroad where English is the main language.

It is ideal for students who want to focus more on their English language skills. Cambridge examinations cover the four language skills - listening, speaking, reading, and writing - and test your ability to communicate effectively in English. Their certificates are perceived all over the world and are acknowledged by many employers, universities, and national education authorities in many countries.

Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT)

The Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT) is a placement test offered by Cambridge English to check the English language ability of the individual. CEPT is a 30-minute online test of general English language ability, focusing on the listening and reading level of a person. This test can be taken anywhere at any time and the results are accurate and reliable.

The purpose of the CEPT is to determine the language level of students for placing them in the right English language course or for general admissions. If you are looking to give the IELTS exam, then CEPT test will tell your language level, which will help you to create your study plan, prepare for IELTS, and take the right actions.

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Studygram is now affiliated with Cambridge English Assessment for students, helping them in achieving their dreams.

Studygram - A Cambridge English Trained Agent

Studygram has successfully completed Cambridge’s online training module for study abroad and language travel and is entitled to “Cambridge English trained agent” in Kuwait.

Our partnership with Cambridge English has enabled us with numerous benefits. One is working with one of the most trusted organizations and access to their up-to-date, reliable information and resources which will help us to offer the best advice to students who wish to travel abroad.

Benefits of our Partnership with Cambridge English Assessment:

  • Studygram is licensed to recommend Cambridge Exams and products to Students
    Cambridge is the name of the trusted organization and their language certificates are recognized by many top universities worldwide. By attending Cambridge exams, you are maximizing your chances for better career prospects.
  • Find the right exam for Students
    Cambridge offers several language courses for different specifications and being a Cambridge English trained agent, we qualify to help students with the right course selection.

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