Study Costs in USA

Costs of Studying and Living in USA

Conditions and costs of study and living in America vary considerably depending on the university's program, lifestyle and location. In general, the cost of studying abroad is divided into the following costs:

University tuition costs in US

The cost of study in US varies according to the state, university, specialization and nationality of the student. In general, universities and colleges in US are divided into private universities and government universities. Private universities in America are usually more expensive than state universities in terms of premiums. US universities are often more equipped and developed than private universities. In general, the cost of studying in America varies between US $ 10,000 per year for some universities and colleges to as little as US $ 50,000 per year for the most prestigious universities such as Harvard, Stanford and Yale (these figures for the academic year 2017-2018). The cost of these premiums is reduced to more than 50% if the student is a US citizen and from the same state as the university. If the student is from another state, he shall treat the foreign student in terms of premiums.

Housing costs in US

Housing costs vary depending on the state and the choices available to students. Some students prefer university accommodation, others prefer to live with an American family, and others prefer housing in particular. On the whole, the costs of each type are different, and the costs of housing in major cities such as Los Angeles or New York are different from those in smaller and more important cities.

For example, if a student wishes to live separately in a Midwest state such as Ohio or Kentucky, the studio rents the room or individual apartment from $ 500 to $ 1,000. If the student wants to live with an American family, he or she will have to pay about $ 450- $ 650 per month on average and include some meals.

If the student offers a residence permit at the university, this will be the most expensive option in terms of housing costs and even living expenses. The average cost of university housing is $ 400 per month. It does not cost the student daily transportation to reach the campus. The electricity, gas and internet bills are paid by the university directly.

Cost of living in US

As for the monthly cost of living, they vary from state to state as mentioned above, but this is the average cost list in most American cities.

It is very similar to what it is in other rich countries. It is certainly easy to find consumer goods, basic necessities such as food and cheap household items to almost all men and women who reside in the United States. The average monthly cost of living for university students in the United States is $ 450-750 per month (not including tuition). As in most countries, the price of living is higher in large cities than in small cities.

The cost of electricity varies between $ 60 and $ 100 per month, which is reduced and increased on the basis of your daily use of electricity. The gas bill costs between $ 100 and $ 150 per month. Internet bill costs about $ 50 per month for super speeds.

The cost of water and garbage removal companies is about US $ 75 per month.

Either for food and beverage costs in the United States, this is a list of some basic daily meals consumed:

500 grams of bone chicken breast

1 liter of whole milk is $ 0.89

12 eggs, a big $ 3.17

1 kg of tomatoes $ 4.01

500 grams of local cheese

1 kg of apples $ 3.34

1 kg of potatoes 1.60 countries

L of Coca-Cola $ 1.91

Bread for two people for one day $ 2.13

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