Study in Turkey

Study in Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries that combines east and west and has an interesting history. It was one of the first countries in which development has entered and it is ranked sixth in terms of tourism and study. The higher education system in Turkey started with the inclusion of the English language in Turkish universities, and this language started to be the current language in the major cities in Turkey, making it easier for foreign students.

International programs and universities

Every year, the number of students wishing to study in turkey increases due to the quality of education and the cost of living and studying in Turkey in relation to other countries and occupies areas such as engineering, medicine and business administration high ranks in the QS ranking according to the international classification of universities.

The leading Turkish universities

Turkish universities Sites National Rank
Istanbul Medipol University ISTANBUL 91 
ISTANBUL Ticaret University ISTANBUL 88 
İstanbul Kültür University ISTANBUL 41 
İstanbul Altınbaş University ISTANBUL 105
Aydın University ISTANBUL 57


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Some of the most popular fields of study in which Turkish universities excel are the natural sciences (biology, zoology, chemistry, etc.), mathematics, engineering, social sciences (sociology, anthropology, archeology, psychology, etc.), and medical fields. You just have to choose a specific field, and for sure there will be a course for you. And due to the presence of many universities, Turkish universities provide a great world of opportunities and all degrees and certificates granted by Turkish universities are internationally recognized and you can communicate to learn more about Turkish universities and details of the certificates granted.

Another important point added to Turkey's attractiveness is the fact that its comparison with the other famous study point is less expensive. While most of the countries 'or faculty' s reputation is high in their cost, Turkey is excluded from this rule. Both tuition and living expenses are in a more reasonable degree compared to other countries such as the United Kingdom, for example. the cost of living is no different from a major city in your country. Moreover, pre-university students are strictly prohibited from working. Foreign university students have specific and specific labor laws that are not entitled to full-time work but have a weekly number of hours that should not be skipped.

Requirements for study in Turkey

Study costs and other expenses

Five quick facts about Turkey

  • Turkey is an amazingly beautiful country with rich landmarks and stunning landscapes.
  • From a school perspective, it ranks in the top six educational destinations.
  • Diversity and change between study programs such as from diploma to degree.
  • Study programs and the cost of living are competitive compared to other destinations
  • A multicultural and friendly environment, which attracts more than 178,000 international students every year

How to apply to Turkish universities

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