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Study abroad is the opportunity to travel, to discover, learn, understand and connect with new people, studying abroad is a great option. As more destinations around the world develop world-class...

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35 Questions and Answers about studying in Canada

Geographically, Canada is one of the largest countries and one of the best countries in terms of quality of life and a high level of capital income. 

Canada is a country rich with landscapes, with a cold climate but not throughout the year. 


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Top 10 universities in Russia

Russia has become one of the most popular countries for those who are looking to study abroad, as it is located in North Asia and Europe, with a huge area of ​​about 17 million square kilometres, with a population of 147 million people. It shares...

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Turkish private universities list

Turkish higher education has recorded a remarkable development in recent years in terms of quality and rich content, and the demand for students from all over the world. We see Turkish private universities offer multiple and detailed options in...

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COVID-19 Updates on School Calendar in Kuwait and Egypt

In light of the emergency conditions as a result of the global epidemic Corona, some decisions were taken by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education regarding the organization of the progress of education in the various educational stages...

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