New Year Resolutions

It is this time of the year when we sit down and reflect on how the past year has been and how we can improve our lives by making a list of new year resolutions. Resolutions are those promises we make for ourselves vowing to banish bad habits and to introduce helpful practices to our lives. Proper resolutions are supposed to last until the end of the year but for many of us they don’t last past February because they are too difficult to accomplish or too unrealistic so it is important to set your resolutions within reach. The below is a list of resolutions for the new year that will amaze you at how it can improve your life.

Keep a Calendar


The life of a student is typically a very busy one full of assignments and projects and it can get out of control at times without properly organizing our schedule. Amidst all the assignments students are constantly running around to complete, most students feel that they do not have enough time to accomplish what they would like to. A Gallup study from 2015 shows that 48% of people feel they do not have enough time to complete their tasks. This is where implementing a calendar would come in handy. The importance of keeping a calendar to organize the ocean of tasks students take on can never be overstated. Keeping a calendar has proven to be such a helpful practice for students and for professional adults alike. Calendars are great for keeping track of time; they help us stay on track by realizing which tasks have been completed and which have not hence helping us keep track of how much time we have for other activities. Remember to block an appropriate time for each activity as setting little time for tasks that require more time can be very harmful to the rest of the activities on your calendar and can cause your anxiety and stress levels to increase.

Learn a new language

Learn a New Language

Being an international student in a country where you are not very familiar with the local language can be very challenging. As an international student, it is important to make it your mission to learn the language of the country while studying abroad. Not only will that help you hold a conversation with others, it will help you in your academic life as well. Remember that languages are best learnt through practice, so make sure you practice conversations with the locals to help you master the language. You can also find plenty of online resources and mobile applications that can help you learn new a language; Duolingo and Rosetta Stone are examples of such great resources.

Apply mindfulness in your life


The concept of mindfulness would make for a great new year resolution for those who are new to it and would like to succeed and enjoy life. By definition, mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. In other words, it is the process of taking charge of the mind and focusing our entire attention to the present moment with full awareness to where we are and what we are doing while shutting off distractions around us. This practice can help us concentrate on school duties while shutting off distractions around us and getting more done in less time. Not only will applying mindfulness in your daily life help you get more activities done in little time, research has shown that it can greatly reduce anxiety and depression. This article will help you understand how to practice mindfulness in your day-to-day activities.

Travel somewhere new


This new year resolution is probably the most fun out of the rest of the resolutions. Who doesn’t like to travel and see new places and experience new cultures? As a student, try to make the most out of your free time and go out to explore new places. Typically for international students travelling opportunities are endless so if you are a student studying abroad, make sure to check out neighboring cities and towns, explore local culture and try local foods; there’s always a great city that is a short ride away with a lot to offer.

Take up a new hobby


Taking up a new hobby can have such a positive impact on our lives as the benefits are endless. Not only do hobbies help us put our free time to good use, they play a big role in boosting our confidence as learning something new and being good at it is very rewarding. Having a hobby can also greatly reduce your stress levels as focusing your attention on something you enjoy doing can relieve you from your school stress. Whether it is learning to play a musical instrument or learning how to cook or bake, having a hobby can help you with your social life; the internet offers plenty of ways to connect with people who enjoy the same hobby hence giving you the opportunity to discuss your hobby with others and get connected with more like-minded people and expand your circle of friends.

Live Healthier

Live Healthier

This is probably the one new year resolution that’s most used around the world. By the end of every year, we tend to promise to ourselves that come next year we will start eating healthy and cut down on junk food as well as hit the gym and get our exercises underway. Sticking to this promise and dedicating an hour every other day for exercise and work out can have such a remarkable effect on how we function and perform in school. Exercising is known to release feel-good endorphins that will boost your confidence so not only does it help you be in shape; it also helps with your academic progress. Remember also to get enough sleep, a daily eight hours of sleep can have such magical effect on how your whole-body functions.

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